Footgolf St-Cergue

Closely related to golf but played with your feet rather than with a club, the aim of footgolf is very simple: to kick the football from the tee to the flag and the hole in as few shots as possible. Like for golf, it is up to you to take advantage of the natural surroundings. Each one of the 18 holes has its own difficulty: fir trees, bushes, bankings, low walls… And this gives everyone a chance, the best attacker on the field is not necessarily the best footgolfer.

Basseruche offers you the first course in Switzerland! 

Convivial et accessible

The Combe de Basseruche, a cocoon of greenery nestling in the Vaud Jura, provides the ideal setting for an activity based on relaxation and a spirit of conviviality. Who hasn't kicked a ball around in their life? Footgolf is easy to learn and play, and is enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities: school runs, outings with friends or company competitions are just a few examples.


  • Footgolf is a sport in which players should demonstrate fair play, relaxation and sportsmanship while respecting the natural
  • Footgolf is a sport where players kick a football into a hole in as few shots as possible in order to end up with the lowest score
  • The football is placed on the ground and kicked. It is forbidden to lift or roll the ball
  • Every contact with the ball counts as one kick
  • Each hole is given a par (the number of kicks which can be used to complete a section), like for golf
  • For each hole, once the first kick has been made, the player the farthest from the hole is the first to kick
  • Once the ball has been kicked and has come to rest, you may mark the spot with a coin or a leaf, if your ball may obstruct
    the other players’ kick or ball.
  • The winner is the player who has completed the course with the lowest number of kicks.
Practical info
From May to early October
Wednesday to Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
(last departure 4 p.m.)

Price Footgolf
Adults Fr. 20.-
Children Fr. 10.- (duration ~1½ to 2 hours)

Price combi
Footgolf + 1.3 km Tyroliennes
Adults Fr. 38.-

Trekking boots or shoes, no crampons, please. Clothes for our altitude.

How to find us

Our restaurant is located close to the railway station of St-Cergue, 500 meters uphill. Good accessibility in winter and summer, by car or train. The car park is for our guests only - thank you!

Pratiquer le footgolf au sein d'un club

Le Footgolf vous plait et vous aimeriez le pratiquer sous forme de compétition? Plusieurs clubs dans notre région réunissent des les passionnés de ce sport, et participent aux championnats nationaux et internationaux.